Aaaaand, here’s the latest! I’ve designed a plate and pressed the covers of some small Moleskine cahier notebooks. I think they came out rather well.

If you’re in the greater Los Angeles area, you can pick one up at Old 55 in Eagle Rock.

You can also buy them online at Etsy.

I only printed a handful of them. But hopefully they will sell, and I’ll have a reason to print some more.

My other blog...

I know it seems quiet around here– but that’s just because I’m bad about updating stuff online. Offline, we are busy bees. Below are two snapshots of how we spent our day. My poodle-y assistant and I pressed a limited run of something new that I hope folks might be into: little letterpressed Moleskines. (The 2nd photo below is of the backs of the notebooks. The front will be revealed tomorrow!)



Letterpress and Assistant Processed with Cameramatic app.

sometimes it’s love

The image below is a photo of a letterpress print I created from a drawing I made that illustrates a past moment in the true story of my life. I also think it illustrates a fairly universal experience– that moment where two people make the decision to smoosh their faces together. Sometimes it’s love. And sometimes it’s just giving in to the forces of the universe that have put two infatuated people on a couch together for the sole purpose of having an awesome make-out session. Either way… 



Just  quick/exciting update to let you all know that you can now go buy my cards in three different awesome independently-owned businesses here in the greater Los Angeles area!  Check ’em out!

Old 55 in Eagle Rock (the most extensive collection of my designs can be found here)

2120 Colorado Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90041

The Daily Planet in Hollywood

5931 1/2 Franklin Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90028

Y-Que in Los Feliz

1770 N Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Link to card store

For some reason, if you have reached this internetspace through melindafarrar.com, the links in the previous post don’t seem to be working. If this link also doesn’t work, just copy and paste the following address into your browser:


Thanks for stopping by! Go check out the valentines!


My valentines are freshly pressed and now available online!  –totally worth the blisters I got from the C&P arm lever.

Click here or on the photo below, peruse the new designs, buy your favorite card and send it to someone you love.



While waiting for my glass to be filled, I made a little man from the foil covering of a bottle of new year’s eve champaign.

Happy 2013!


January 5, 2013

Pictured: the most interesting thing that my dog barked at out the window today.


This is the fourth year in a row that Gary & I have released a holiday song around Xmas time. Part of the fun for me, aside from singing back-up vocals and whatnot, is that I get to design our cover art. This year’s song is called “Ultra Deep Field”, which was inspired in part by the Hubble Telescope 3D Imax movie we saw earlier this fall.

Click on the picture below to listen to and/or download our song for free. It’s our gift to you! Happy Holidays!


product placement…




(click on the picture)