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Greetings, internets! 

Here is a photo of two friends hanging out in my art studio. Miss Cloud and Tiny Robot #1. (polyfill, paper, sculpey, wire, love)

Insert technology joke about "the cloud" here, maybe.

Insert technology joke about “the cloud” here, maybe.

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While waiting for my glass to be filled, I made a little man from the foil covering of a bottle of new year’s eve champaign.

Happy 2013!


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skirt to scarf

This is a companion post to the previous post about turning old favorite items of clothing into new things. I had this wrap-around skirt I bought the week I moved to Southern California (over a decade ago). It was pretty and silky and I could never bring myself to give it away– even when I was 20 pounds too heavy to wear it, or when I was finally back in decent shape but the style was woefully outdated.

I finally took some scissors to the fabric and began the experiment of sewing together the parts of it that weren’t pleated or worn out. It resulted in a sort of thin, silky, tube-like scarf. Or… whatever.

Regardless, I will probably wear it more now than I did in the last 10 years.

Here’s a pic: 

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I just made some legwarmers out of sleeves of an old cardigan. In a related story, I now have a new sweater vest type item.


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only don't know

This is a poor-quality iphone photograph of a finished project 4 years in the making.  (any of you who actually know me will not be at all surprised by this)

It is no secret that my dearly departed mother functioned as my own personal Zen master for the first 27 years of my life.  She had this Tshirt she liked.  It said “Only Don’t Know”.  As I grew up, I grew to understand it.  –and embrace it.

It was a somewhat oversized white Tshirt (as was the style at the time).  After my mom died, I sifted through her clothes cherrypicking the items I wanted to claim for my own.  I knew I loved the shirt, but I knew I’d never wear it.  I mostly just wanted the part with the saying on it.  So I cut it out.  My plan was to sew it onto a blank, more fitted, tshirt I owned.  The shirt, the cut-out, the thread, etc all sat in a bag and followed me around LA for years as I moved from sublet, to apartment, to house, to apartment, to house, to apartment.

Tonight, my sheer boredom turned to determination.

I watched “Zach Galifianakis Live At The Purple Onion” on netflix and I stitched.  And stitched and stitched.

My sewing skills are poor and I have a feeling it won’t survive past a few washes, but that’s not the point.  The point is I now have an awesome shirt that nobody else on this planet has and it reminds me of my mom and it has given me a ridiculous and embarrassingly fulfilling sense of accomplishment.

Take that, arts and crafts!

[Everything I know about sewing is based on blind assumption, vague memory of things my mom tried to show me, and trial & error.  I tend to only impress myself with these limited accomplishments.]

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Living in Los Angeles = driving a lot = parking a lot = a lot of these bits of paper:

it's your earth, recycle your parking stubs...

What’s to be done?

Maybe a love note now and again…

four eyes...

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