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Greetings, internets! 

Here is a photo of two friends hanging out in my art studio. Miss Cloud and Tiny Robot #1. (polyfill, paper, sculpey, wire, love)

Insert technology joke about "the cloud" here, maybe.

Insert technology joke about “the cloud” here, maybe.

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I’m on Pinterest now. [click here] Go follow! Pin! Re-pin! Tell the WORLD!

Also, I have restocked OLD 55 with more letterpressed Moleskines (–after they sold out yesterday. Huzzah!). If you live in LA and want to grab one, go there and check ’em out. Also, as of today, there are only 2 left on Etsy.

I have plans to print more, but am waiting on materials.

Have a beautiful weekend. I’m foregoing chocolate bunnies and just sticking with my chocolate poodle. What she lacks in edibility, she makes up for with charm and adorableness. And she has cute little bear paws.





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I know it seems quiet around here– but that’s just because I’m bad about updating stuff online. Offline, we are busy bees. Below are two snapshots of how we spent our day. My poodle-y assistant and I pressed a limited run of something new that I hope folks might be into: little letterpressed Moleskines. (The 2nd photo below is of the backs of the notebooks. The front will be revealed tomorrow!)



Letterpress and Assistant Processed with Cameramatic app.

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January 5, 2013

Pictured: the most interesting thing that my dog barked at out the window today.


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I’m finally getting around to making some things out of other things and using my sewing machine. This Singer is probably almost 70 years old and humming along well enough for someone (me), who knows very little about the process, to attach pieces of fabric together with thread.


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For the first time since 2004, I attended the Coachella music festival. I’m not a fan of crowds, nor am I a fan of standing for hours in the sweltering heat. But this time was different. Aside from feeling far more removed from the youth culture than I was 8 years ago, I enjoyed my  choice of sensible footwear while my handsome companion and I had fun hipster-watching. Also, the weather was perfect. I think it was the first time I’ve experienced water  falling from the sky in the desert.

I saw so many bands. Radiohead will always be my favorite. Always. That said, Andrew Bird wins for bringing a tear to my eye with his rendition of “It’s Not Easy Being Green”, tUnE yArDs bowled me over big time, St. Vincent was guitar-shreddingly and crowd-surfingly fantastic, and PULP was simply electrifying. (Honorable mention goes to James, Bon Iver, The Shins, Arctic Monkeys and Yuck).

Here are a few snapshots…

Also, just for fun:

A highlight from the Radiohead set

Mr. Bird sings a classic

And music that was stuck in my head for the rest of the weekend

2012 continues in its unpredictability. Onward.

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I’m taking ’em.  And posting ’em.

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It’s been a while, monkeys.  Sorry ’bout that.   I was hometowning it up for a bit, and then no sooner had I returned to Lost Angeles when I hopped into my trusty car and headed to the northern bit of the giant state I live in.  (“denial?” you ask.  “No, silly!” I reply, ignoring your quip. “California!”) That is to say, I went to San Francisco this weekend.   My primary goal was to go to the Alternative Press Expo.

Goal: achieved!


My secondary goals were to briefly breathe some very relaxed air in Santa Cruz and say hi to some cousins, connect with a good bit of energy of my mother’s soul–which I am convinced whirls like a gentle breeze around Mt. Tamalpais, Stinson Beach and the labyrinth of Grace Cathedral, and walk all over San Francisco.

Grace Cathedral labyrinth

Golden Gate Bridge

maternal stomping ground

Secondary goals: achieved!

There was a bit of failure, however, that must be noted.  Unfortunately, it was not in the stars that my paths should cross with my friends Eleanor (the one who told me about APE last year. Thanks, E!) and Mike.  This only makes me more resolute to return to that lovely city more often in the hopes of finally seeing their smiling faces.  Positivity ’09!


So, APE, you guys.  A really great time.

Saw some amazing art-things.
key moments:

– Got to meet Erika Moen and tell her how her comic book found its way to me at the perfect moment (thanks to my cousin Jesse) and synchronicity, etc, etc, anyway I hope I didn’t come off like a total nerd with her– but it was definitely a highlight that I got to shake her hand and tell her that she was an inspiration.  [www.darcomic.org]

– Ran into Damon Bard who I know from the day job.  He’s a sculptor, and he had a table at the expo with some folks he was collaborating with.  He’s incredibly talented.  Check him out here: [http://www.damonbard.com/]

– I snagged a copy of the “A Softer World” book and got Joey Comeau and Emily Horne to sign it.  I also got a sneak peek at their next book that is not out yet, which made me feel like a total geek– but a geek who got to see a special sneak peek at their next book.  I also got Comeau to sign a copy of “Overqualified” for me.  — I am extra glad about that now since I’ve just heard the LA leg of his tour got axed at the last second.  [www.asofterworld.com]

– G bought me a cool screenprint I was lusting after during the whole expo, which was such a sweet thing for him to do.  And now I’ve got a nice frameable something to remember my whole weekend by.

I need to sort through all the business cards and miscellaney I picked up, but hopefully later on I will put up a list of the folks at the expo who I feel deserve, if nothing else, links to their work posted on Squaresville.

Speaking of posting, this post seems to have run a bit long.  And upon a further re-reading, it’s not nearly clever and/or entertaining enough.   Bartender, a round of apologies on me.

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belated friday post


Quite the lovely drive home from work today.

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walking around carrying a baggie of dog poop already makes you look kind of silly...

…or something.

Permit me to take a moment to acknowledge my delightfully significant other* who for some reason hops right on board my crazytrain ideas, and doesn’t hesitate when I invite him to participate in my sporadic bouts of artistic expression [a.k.a. dress up weird and walk the neighbors’ dogs].

Performance art?  Cry for attention?  Can it be both?  It can be both.  Can’t it be both?  Does it matter?  Does it not matter?  Is that the point?  Or was I just looking for an excuse to wear those shoes and a helmet?

hmmm… I came up with a better artist’s statement on the fly yesterday.  But in my insomnia, I forget things.  [thank god for excuses.]

Also discovered during this particular venture:  this is the exact outfit I would wear if I were in the roller derby.

*you are a brave soul, G.  A brave soul indeed.

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