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Allow me to introduce you to the latest project.

“Pee Wee Hermit: a mini zine of pictorialization and rumination”

This is the first official zine I’ve ever made. It will not be my last zine. But it will be the last first zine.

The best part: you can own one!

Just click here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/186576405/pee-wee-hermit-a-mini-zine-of

PeeWee Hermit Mini Zine



Have a nice day!


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Peace, Love, Felt

I am enjoying being a needle-felting novice. Here is my improvised planet Earth getting a heart-felt hug. 



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Tiny Cat #1

Tiny Cat #1

Click on the link above and check out some of my artwork that has been funded by awesome people at Patreon.com

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Just a quick note from me and my muppety dog.

Just a quick note from me and my muppety dog.

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Letterpress is such a labor-intensive endeavor, but the result is something unique. And I love making things that are unique.

I have several new designs for sale up on ETSY right now. If you feel so inclined, please check them out! Essentially all my cards are tiny, mailable, original art prints. I love to imagine each card traveling through the mail and brightening someone’s day, which sounds really cheesy now that I’ve typed that though out in actual words. Sheesh.


Along with new greeting cards, I’ve taken a stack of old vintage record albums and deconstructed them. The cardboard and paper inside some of the albums has been repurposed into postcard-type cards and envelopes for something new: quick, mad-libby, customizable form letters.

Repurposed Record Albums Letterpress Form Letter Greeting

I made a small amount of handmade envelopes. Future batches will just have regular envelopes made from recycled paper. 3-packs of these are available on ETSY. 

My big goal was to get at least one design out at the end of April that would be good for Mother’s Day. If nothing else, buy this card and send it to your mom to thank her profusely for changing your poopy diapers all those years ago.


And, if you’re curious, here’s what my assistant has to say about it all at Bea’s Dog Blog.

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Continuing the theme of checking things off my to-do list (the arts and crafts section), here is a snapshot of my latest creation. [an extended explanation of what this owl is all about can be found by clicking here at a link to a blog I’ve started but don’t feel like promoting].

It’s an improvised stitch job comprised of old clothes and fabric I’ve been saving for years.

Behold! The Night Owl.


My motto for April: keep on keepin’ on making things.

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Just  quick/exciting update to let you all know that you can now go buy my cards in three different awesome independently-owned businesses here in the greater Los Angeles area!  Check ’em out!

Old 55 in Eagle Rock (the most extensive collection of my designs can be found here)

2120 Colorado Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90041

The Daily Planet in Hollywood

5931 1/2 Franklin Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90028

Y-Que in Los Feliz

1770 N Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027

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